Below is a detailed checklist of the required documents you will need for the entire application process to teach in Korea. PLEASE, READ THROUGH THEM CAREFULLY. Go to our Visa Procedures section for a step-by-step breakdown on obtaining an E2 visa, specific to your country.


 *NEW REQUIREMENTS*- Updated July 15, 2010

As of Dec 17, 2007 the Korean Government has implemented changes to the requirements for obtaining an E1, E2 and E3 Visa.

Criminal Background Check  |  Health Statement  |  Interview 



notary seal * NOTE - Apostille authentication is required in countries that have signed the Hague Convention abolishing  the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents. Therefore, apostille authentication is needed for criminal background checks and degree certificates for anyone applying from ALL of the countries we have listed except Canada.

*Revised* March 15, 2008 -Updated July 15, 2010

  1. Apostille authentication is no longer required if you are applying for your criminal background check from Korea. Verification from the Consul in Korea is now also valid in this case. New applicants should apply from their home country.
  2. A test for marijuana use was added to the drug test.
  3. The criminal background check is now valid for 6 months from the date of issue (was previously 3 months).
*UPDATE* April 3, 2011
  1. Your original degree certificate is no longer accepted, however, you will still have to get a copy of it notarized and apostille authenticated to send to Korean immigration (Canadians need to send it to their Korean Consulate for verification after notarizing).
  2. All criminal record checks must be of NATIONAL CLEARANCE (For U.S. citizens, this means only an F.B.I check is accepted and this could take up to 12 weeks).

Notarisation must be done by a notary public.

  • For Canadians - Notarisation must be followed by verification at an embassy or consulate in your region.
  • For ALL other countries - Apostille authentication must be preceded by notarisation by a notary public.

These are the specifics IN GREAT DETAIL that you will need to apply for an E2 visa.

aNationality - All applicants must be citizens and hold a passport from a native English speaking country. The Korean government currently accepts 7 nations in this category.

Canada | U.S.A | U.K. | Ireland | Australia | New Zealand | South Africa

* To qualify, you must have had your education taught, in English, from at least high school level and on through university/college.

bUniversity Degree (1 notarised/apostilled copy) - All applicants must have completed a 3 or 4 year degree from a recognised, accredited university/college in one of the countries listed above. The original degree certificate is not accepted by Korean Immigration anymore. A copy that has been notarized and apostille authenticated is required.

cOfficial Transcripts (1 set / 2 sets for North Americans) - Transcripts must be unopened and sealed/stamped(pressed) by the university with the official university seal or stamp/sticker over the back crease of the envelope. They are very strict about this requirement as it helps to verify the authenticity of the documents. You will need one set to send to Korea and one set to apply for your E2 visa in your home country. A "set" refers to one complete transcript in a sealed envelope.

dPassport (Original + 2 photocopies of photo and info pages) - You must hold a passport from one of the seven nations listed above. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your arrival in Korea. Although we recommend having at least 12 months, as it can be a timely and grueling process to renew your passport from within Korea. You must have at least 2 blank pages in your passport for immigration to place your visa. YOUR PASSPORT MUST BE SIGNED.

eNEW! NATIONAL Criminal Background Check (CBC/CRC) (1 notarised/apostilled original + 1 photocopy) Each country has a different procedure for doing CBCs. Click on our Criminal Bkgd Checks section for specific information pertaining to your country. You will need the original to send to Korea and one photocopy to apply for your E2 visa in your home country.

  • * NOTE - The processing time for a criminal background check varies by country. They can take anywhere from a few days to 12 weeks to complete! Get Started! They are accepted by Korean Immigration for up to 6 months from the date of issue. Therefore, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you have your check done immediately if you plan on being in Korea to teach within the next 6 months. The visa process can be quite time consuming and employers often request to have a new teacher with very little notice. Having your CBC and other documentation ready in advance will give you the advantage of being able to accept a great teaching opportunity on short notice if one arises.


fNEW! Health Assessment Form (2 originals) - You will be required to fill out a Health Assessment form (provided by us) and submit it along with all other documents to Korean Immigration to obtain your visa issuance number. Shortly after you arrive in Korea, you are then required to visit a local hospital or health clinic to undergo a health screening (within 90 days of arrival). They will be testing you for serious medical conditions like HIV/AIDS, TBPE and drug use (including marijuana)*UPDATED July 15, 2010. You MUST complete the form as truthfully as possible! We recommend that you actually visit your doctor and be tested in your home country before submitting this form (if you are unsure about your health). If there are any discrepancies between your self-assessment form and the actual health screening in Korea, your visa may be revoked and you will be deported and possibly blacklisted (leaving you unable to enter Korea).

gName Consistency - Your name MUST appear the same on all documents submitted. If you have a middle name, middle initial OR if one or more of the documents listed above has your name written differently, your application could be rejected. Middle initials shouldn't be used for ANY of your documents. Your middle name (if you have one) should be written in full. Please make sure that your name on all of your documents matches. If you need to request a new degree or transcripts to match the rest of your documents, please do so as soon as possible. DON'T WAIT! If you are unsure if something will be accepted or not, please ask us.

hNEW! Interview - All first-time E2 visa applicants are now required to have an in-person interview at the embassy or consulate in their region. It sounds intimidating, but it's not. It's just to find out about your character and to see if you're going to put forth some sort of effort. You will be asked simple questions about your hobbies and interests, as well as why you want to teach in Korea.

In applying some effort to the application process and the interview, you are proving to Korean Immigration and your prospective employer that you are enthusiastic and diligent in your desire to teach in Korea. If you cannot make the interview in person, talk to your Go East representative. There are sometimes alternatives to actually going in person (eg. if you live far from the office).



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